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We're HexClad, the fastest-growing, most-disruptive cookware brand in the US. Home cooks all over the world love our patented hybrid technology that combines the benefits of cast-iron, stainless steel, and non-stick into one beautiful piece of cookware. Now we're open for business with the restaurant community and ready to be the star of your kitchen.

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Get great results with every dish

Heat up quick and disperse heat more evenly, so even the most delicate ingredients cook perfectly.

Built to last and get better with age. Highly durable, oven and metal utensil safe.

Easy cleaning,
dishwasher safe.

“The sear I can get with these pans is incredible, with absolutely no stick. The temperature control is perfection, and the clean-up is effortless.”

— Gordon Ramsay

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HexClad's patented cookware technology

Our revolutionary hybrid cookware provides the best of both worlds, the durability of stainless steel and the easy cleanup of nonstick. We can confidently say HexClad is the best cookware around because it performs like no other. It’s certain to become a central player in your culinary repertoire.

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Nonstick Hybrid Technology.


Excellent temperature control


Easy care (oven & metal utensil safe)


Easy cleaning (dishwasher safe)


Free from toxic coatings


Lasting durability

Gordon Ramsay Makes Seared Scallops

Michelin Star Chef Paul Ainsworth explains the excellence of using HexClad pans

Trusted by Michelin Star Chefs

“We enjoy using HexClad in the restaurant because we can get a really hard sear on most of our proteins and our vegetables without them sticking at all. They wash really easily as well and they last a long time. I highly recommend HexClad to anybody. They look cool, they’re durable and one of those pans that you buy and they last you a lifetime.”

Kevin Meehan Chef/Owner of Kali Restaurant in Los Angeles

Beautiful Results Every Time

"HexClad helps me get great results with every dish.  These hybrid pans distribute heat evenly, so even the most delicate ingredients cook perfectly.  Whether creating crisp skin on fish, caramelizing a stunning steak, or creating superb sauces, beautiful stews, braises or confits – these HexClad pans can do it all."

Paul Ainsworth The Ainsworth Collection & owner of 1* Michelin restaurant Paul Ainsworth at No6

A Solid Investment in Your Kitchen

"HexClad makes cooking effortless and enjoyable, achieving amazing results time after time! The sheer versatility of a Hexclad makes them the only pans I couldn’t live without. HexClad are built to last with a lifetime guarantee and get better with age. They are by far the best investment you can make for your kitchen at home! There’s no other pan that will give you the same results. It’s time to get Hexy! A pan for the modern age."

Chris Baber Chef and Social Media sensation

Durable, Sleek and Sexy

"The hottest cookware on the market! Literally these pans heat up quicker and disperse heat more evenly than any other cookware I have ever used. They are extremely durable and not to mention they are extremely sleek and sexy! Oven safe and a lifetime warranty makes buying them a no-brainer. I highly recommend HexClad to all! You will never see me cooking with anything else."

Robbie Felice Chef and Restaurateur of Critically Acclaimed Viaggio, Osteria Crescendo, and pastaRAMEN
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